Indoor Water Fountains

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Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains are decorative fountains made in different designs to be used indoors for homes, offices, companies, hotel rooms and other places.
Indoor water fountains are the best way to decorate your home, regardless of the free space you have or the apartment size. They are made in fabulous designs that suit all area spaces and even the tabletop use.
The fountains are often made for three major uses, or in other words, classified into three basic categories; tabletop, wall and floor fountains. They are divided into these categories to make it easier for the customers to choose the suitable type and design for their available space.


1- Table fountains

The tabletop indoor water fountains are lovely and too many people fancy them for their amazing designs that sometimes look funny, or extremely sophisticated. You don’t have to worry about the size and free space once you decide on a tabletop fountain. You can opt for a lovely crystal fountain, flowerpot fountain, teacup fountain or any carved artwork. The designs are endless and more than suitable for medium and small tables like coffee tables.


The wall indoor water fountains are those which you can fix on a wall side and enjoy their appearance. They are considered a bit more artistic that the previous type and they surely need much space to appear. The modern designs are not carved, they are usually made from plain glass, like windows, and both vertical ends are made from granite. The backside of these fountains hold some art lines to look like granite and the water usually springs inside the glass box from base to top or in other directions depending on the design and width.

The floor indoor water fountains combine the features of the upper designs. They are either glass boxed and standing on the floor to give a majestic look, or they are carved into great designs so that you can put them in any corner you want to decorate.

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2- Floor fountains


Indoor water fountains 3
Indoor water fountains 9
Indoor water fountains 8
Indoor water fountains 14


3- Wall Fountains


Indoor water fountains 5
Indoor water fountains 6
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  1. Hi there Sandra!

    Could you let me know where I could find one of these beautiful Indoor Water Fountains, the blue one with the three tiers?

    I would be very grateful for your help in getting one.

    What price range is this fountain?

    Best wishes…Dean.

  2. Louise Berning

    I would also like to know about the indoor water fountain (blue with 3 tiers). Thank you!

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