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Jessica Alba is not just a celebrity. She is also famous for her casual style and the lovely free lines that she likes to wear. Jessica Alba style is characterized by the casual clothes, like jeans pants, tops and cropped casual jackets. She also likes the free lines expressed in long maxi dresses and skirts that she previously wore while being pregnant.
With mixed and well matched pieces, Jessica Alba style became one of the most favorite guides for many girls and ladies, to the outer world of fashion and free casual wear.

Most of the photos below show the consistence of Jessica Alba style as loose-cut uppers paired with skinny jeans, tight pants, loose-fit pieces and very elegant boots. The scarf, which she often likes to wear, is her own mark of elegance in most of her winter looks.
Most of her summer looks consist of tight pants, loose tops, loose cardigans or elegant shirts. She also likes to pair maxi dresses with loose shirts, light blouses and cropped sleeveless jackets. These simple pieces, when paired together, provide simple, yet seductive looks for every woman no matter what her age is. She, sometimes, like to wear elegant dresses, which symbolizes freedom and cheer.

Speaking about Jessica Alba classic style, the pencil skirts, cropped classic pants and couture dresses have also appeared clearly in her looks, and surely all colors and designs represent the free style that she likes.
The most remarkable feature in Jessica Alba style is matching her clothes from very famous fashion brands; the matter that made her style pretty and unique.


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