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A juice bar is like a coffeehouse; a business establishment that serves primarily fruit based drinks and juices. Different drinks are sold in such places, but they usually exclude coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks as ‘juice bar’ is basically a name that resembles places that can not sell alcoholics.
The law restriction in some regions forces such places to exclude alcoholics from their menu while in other places, such as strip clubs, all drinks are served with music and dancing show.
Juice bars usually sell pure juices, mechanically squeezed for sure, smoothies, vegetable juices, wheat grass and organic based juices. The organic based juices are made from organic fruits or vegetables, and in some places there are organic juice bars to intensify their business for those who seek healthy options instead of fast foods.



The juice bar designs could be made in business places or simply in your home. Those who like western kitchens or adding brilliant touches to their houses to serve drinks in parties and gatherings, will surely like these designs.
Juice bars could be made in any color and geometric design. The dark, round designs are the most common however.
Square juice bars are the best to have at home; they don’t need much space and they serve well for a number of persons. The square design also represents the American kitchen style, which gives a neat look to the outer space of your kitchen.
The round bars are more common in resorts and wide places. Some may like a small round bar in the middle of their kitchen. The idea is great as it goes with most kitchen styles and gives a warm, Italian look to your kitchen. You can also use that small bar to prepare the meals or enjoy a nice chat with friends while serving them their favorite drinks.
Light colored juice bars give a cute look; they are even romantic and they match with most furniture colors than the brown or black bars. For example, there are white, red and green bars which have either nice paints or colorful shades. That makes them so elegant and comforting for the guests.


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