Kate Moss Style

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Kate Moss style is one of the sexiest and most elegant styles that a woman can wear. Her slim body helps her to choose the best clothes, pair them together and inspire many women for fitness and fashion. The style she prefers is really unique. What characterize her style are the skinny jeans and the knee-high leather boots, which she often wears. Those two elegant pieces are paired with a wide variety of clothes starting from tops and ending to loose shirts. She likes to wear her skinny jeans with cotton tops and cropped jackets; and sometimes simple cotton t-shirts. She loves to wear knee-high boots made of leather or suede, pairing them with magnificent winter sweaters, leather jackets, fur coats, and fur-trimmed jumpers. These items were the basic elements that define Kate Moss style. In summer, Kate Moss style appears quite free and sophisticated at once. She knows how to look pretty, young and sexy. Kate-moss-style_1 Her summer style doesn’t only depend on skinny jeans and t-shirts; she loves to wear mini-shorts, short dresses, loose pants and light sandals. Kate Moss style looks quite sexy and crazy in summer. The mini-shorts that she wears with high boots and sleeveless, v-neck uppers give her the sexiest looks, especially with that super-slim body. Speaking about classic and couture garments, Kate Moss style is surely highlighted with freedom and elegance. She pairs feminine blouses with sexy cropped pants and high heels, to inspire every working lady for sexy looks. The couture and red carpet style depends basically of bright colors, mostly gold, and sharp cuts without many details. The tight maxi dress is one of her lovely choices. Kate-moss-style_2 Kate-moss-style_3 Kate-moss-style_4 Kate-moss-style_5

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