Kim Kardashian Style

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Kim Kardashian style represents a sexy, bold trend for every woman who seeks a feminine appearance with much self expression. The softness, still, has not gone out of her style, but this clever lady knew exactly how to mix colors and pair garments to look powerful and confident.
Kim Kardashian style is not characterized by certain designs or items. She likes to wear everything; cropped pants, classic trends, maxi dresses, skinny jeans, short dresses, funky trends and modest clothes. She also likes the quiet colors, such as white beige, light blue, cream, lavender, etc.
Some of her looks show cheerful and bold colors, such as red, violet, yellow, petrol, black and brown. But in general, these colors are not a basic sign distinguishing her character.


Speaking about the designs, Kim Kardashian style depends on funky, patched jeans, tight pants and leggings. We can say that these models are her street style. She pairs them with unlimited variety of tight tops and loose-cut jackets or cardigans. She also likes to wear them with tight tops, large handbags and high heel shoes or boots, as a summer style.
Moreover, her summer style shows sexy shorts, mini skirts, and sexy short dresses. All are often tight to show a sexy, bold look.
Kim Kardashian style includes a fabulous classic touch of tight pencil skirts, modest couture dresses, and flare maxi dresses – like those she wore during pregnancy.
Her couture style seems to never change; always the knee-length dresses of many details, or skirts of similar design.

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