A.L.C Resort 2015 Collection

Although A.L.C resort 2015 collection seemed to lack the basic lines that define the style, it could combine between some old-fashioned looks and retro designs. This combination created a diversity of choices for those who like to indulge in the old-fashioned dresses, pants and skirts, as well as those who like cropped jackets, mini skirts, and sportive styles.
The color palette included only three colors; black, white and yellow with two shades of silver and royal blue. These colors are what gave the collection it’s mixed touch of retro style and old glamour.


The designs came as short dresses, simple over-knee shorts, zippered jackets, sweaters and formal polo shirts. The dresses came in several styles, and surely the color variations represented plain black, blue or yellow and nice multi-tone dresses. Not all dresses came in the over-knee design; but the tailoring was different in each dress, to show many looks.
The, pants shorts and mini skirts came in black and yellow, as well as a sharp pleated long skirt paired with white sleeveless, open-back top. Most of these designs were paired with formal style polo shirts and cropped glossy jackets with full length zippering, or just fluid cashmere sweaters… as an alternative for cotton shirts.

ALC-resort-2015_2 ALC-resort-2015_3 ALC-resort-2015_4

ALC-resort-2015_5 ALC-resort-2015_6 ALC-resort-2015_7 ALC-resort-2015_8 ALC-resort-2015_9 ALC-resort-2015_10 ALC-resort-2015_11 ALC-resort-2015_12 ALC-resort-2015_13 ALC-resort-2015_14

ALC-resort-2015_15 ALC-resort-2015_16 ALC-resort-2015_17 ALC-resort-2015_18 ALC-resort-2015_19 ALC-resort-2015_20 ALC-resort-2015_21

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