Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers

Instead of decorating the Christmas tree in the traditional way, making a bright change every year can draw a magical atmosphere.
Lighted Christmas tree toppers can make a wonderful change, and sometimes they can be the best we have for Christmas. Most of these toppers come in star or angel shape, in addition to some unusual designs like Santa Claus, butterfly, snowflake, bow, etc.
The colors are often silver and gold, for a bright shine, with rhinestone beads decorating the surface.

As shown in the photos, I tried to collect several items, of which some can be bought while the others can be hand-made and easily lighted by a battery powered bulb or a short fairy light branch.
Lighted Christmas tree toppers are made from a variety of light-weight materials, but they all share a single characteristic … their fascinating appearance. The simplest and small sized ones play the greatest roles, exactly like the most elegant, big sized ones.

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