Low Fat Tartar Sauce Recipe

low fat tartar sauce recipe

A low fat tartar sauce recipe depends on using non-fat yogurt instead of mayonnaise and mustard. Actually yogurt is always the basic ingredient in low fat meals, and today we are going to show a simple tartar sauce recipe.


– 1 cup of low fat yogurt or non fat sour cream
– 2 tbs of fresh chopped parsley
– 1 tbs of mustard
– 1 tbs minced red onion
– 2 tbs of minced pickles or sweet pickle relish
– Few drops of olive oil
– 1 or 2 drops of hot sauce “optional”

low fat tartar sauce recipe


Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl and chill for a while before serving. The leftover should be preserved in fridge within 2 hrs max.

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