Luxury Bedding

Luxury bedding 7

Luxury Bedding

Most ladies like to have at least one luxury bedding set to use occasionally and enjoy the pretty look of ruffled satin or handmade silk details. I was viewing some designs the other day and found a wide group of luxury bedding sets made of satin, and others made of velour/velvet. I collected the most elegant, and also the simplest, designs for those who like to learn about the varieties.

Most luxury bedding sets are made of silk, satin, velour or velvet fabrics. They are often embroidered with silk threads in bright colors, such as gold or silver, and they come with different details, including the handmade details. The ruffled trimming is the most common detail in the classic bedding sets while the printed, single-color satin is the common feature in modern satin bedding.

Some luxury bedding sets are made from cotton with an outer range of ruffled satin and embroidery, for those who have skin allergies or sweat heavily if they cover with satin quilts. The way they are manufactured makes them comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Speaking about the modern satin bedding, they are my favorite among all luxury bedding types. They are simple, colorful and elegant. I like how they are printed, and I fancy the patterned satin quilts.
You will find many luxury bedding designs in this topic; categorized in groups to allow you a better choice among the varieties and patterns.


 1- Luxury bedding with extra details

Luxury bedding 1
Luxury bedding 2
Luxury bedding 9


2- Printed satin bedding

Luxury bedding 3
Luxury bedding 4
Luxury bedding 15
Luxury bedding 16


3- Modern satin bedding

Luxury bedding 6
Luxury bedding 7
Luxury bedding 14
Luxury bedding 12
Luxury bedding 10
Luxury bedding 8


4- Satin bedding with handmade embroidery and ruffled trimming

Luxury bedding 11
Luxury bedding 13
Luxury bedding 5


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