Luxury Underground Home Parking Solutions

Luxury underground home parking solutions

Most people use their garages to store items like boats, bicycles, gardening tools, sports equipment and things that they can’t place in other rooms. Gradually, the garage becomes a crowded place that is, unpleasantly, not enough to park the cars. Today, I’m going to publish great ideas for those who have a limited parking area, yet like living in style.
These luxury underground home parking solutions are space saving and suitable for different places, whether you are living in a villa or just a nice building with a small yard. The parking system depends on automatic car lifts with a strong steel frame and vertical parking places.

underground car parking solutions

Most of these car lifts are designed to hold two cars, but for larger places, a bigger system is used where the lifts stuff in parallel rows.
The underground home parking is very functional as to making good use of the already existing space in your home, in addition to providing an excellent parking solution when the yard is enough for only one car. Another advantage is protecting your cars from being stolen, and also from natural crisis, rain, sun, thunder, etc.

cardok underground parking solutions underground home parking car lift system

silver car in underground parking by cardok underground car parking solutions Underground home parking system car in underground parking underground parking solutions

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