Lynx Cat

The Lynx is classified as a type of wild cats that is distributed in several places other than The United States, and recently people keep some types as pets.
The Lynx is usually a medium-sized cat with large paws, thick fur and bobtail. The coat color is more relevant to brown, gold and hazel or beige, with a mix of color gradients that give a nice appearance with the black swirling all over the coat. Some Lynx types have different coat patterns like swirls & spots, or they are perfectly oceloid to look like Bengal cats.


lynx cat

This wild cat is characterized by the black tufts on its ears and the tiger-like face with whiskers below the face. The hair on the neck is much longer and all species have white fur on their chests, extending to the belly and between the thighs. The paws of lynx are large and padded with fur, to enable them walking on the snow and provide warmth. The tail is very short, and its end is always black. The tail length and shape differs according to the species.
One amazing fact about lynx is that their fur length and paw size vary according to the environment they live in, and their dark/black fur swirling/spots is shorter than the light fur.

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