Marbled Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Eggs 1

Coloring the eggs is one of the favorite activities that adults and kids do for the Easter holiday. At times, the egg patterns differ to show real art pieces instead of just simple, decorative crafts, and when one decides to buy plastic or ceramic eggs, they can choose from really stunning designs. Despite the difference in patterns and colors, the exceptional art of marbled Easter eggs does great decorations that many would love to try.
Marbled Easter eggs are simply real, or plastic, eggs colored in unidentified patterns, either by professional painting, dipping in natural dyes, or dipping into fused nail polish.
The simplest way to marble the boiled eggs is to lightly crack the shells and put the eggs in different natural dyes in several pots. You can use thyme, hibiscus and saffron to give bright colors to the water, and of course, don’t forget to concentrate the liquid for quick dying.


The above way is the best to obtain marbled boiled eggs, after removing the shells, but to have marbled shells, you may need to empty the eggs by making a tiny hole using a nail or sharp knife, then prepare them for coloring.
The second and third techniques of marbling are not too difficult, but they may need time, and if you are professional in drawing, you can use water colors and different brushes to draw the curvy line effects.
By the end of your trials, you may bring a few bottles of bright nail polish, a small cup half-filled with cold water, and lots of paper towel with a large newspaper sheet. Fusing the nail polish colors over cold water will cause them to float, allowing you to dip the egg shells, roll them and obtain wonderful color effects.

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