Mastrad Deco Veggie Slicer

Mastrad Deco Veggie Slicer 1

Mastrad Deco Veggie Slicer

Knowing exactly what you are consuming is part of a health-conscious lifestyle. The Mastrad Deco Veggie-Slicer will make it breeze for you to make add more vegetables to your healthy routine. Ingenious in design, the 3-in-1 Slicer features 3 different sized blades—slice ribbon cuts, or small or medium juliennes. Use the thinly sliced veggies to garnish appetizers, add vegetables to salads, or replace carbohydrate-loaded pasta with noodle-like julienned carrots or zucchini. the possibilities are endless. Included is a finger guard to protect hand while slicing and ensuring you are able to use every last piece of vegetable without any waste. Each piece stacks together for convenient storage. Dishwasher safe. Mastrad helps you achieve your healthy goals with ingenious bake ware, tools and gadgets that make it possible to cook in a healthier way.

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