Matelasse Coverlet

Matelasse coverlet 1

Matelasse coverlets are luxurious bedspreads; usually made of fine cotton and woven in a special technique, to give a decorative appearance. This kind of bedspreads is made in several forms, and basically categorized into light and heavy coverlets, to suit the customers use. They match with any style of furniture and any color scheme. You can use them for your own bedroom as well as kids rooms.

Matelasse coverlet 1

Like the matelasse bedspreads, these coverlets of French origins appeared in the 18th century and were quite popular during the Victorian era due their special quilted look.
The coverlets are often made of cotton, which is the finest fabric used for this type of bedding, and the blends are usually machine-made, to produce precise patterns.
Matelasse coverlet patterns vary according to the fabric and how heavy is the coverlet. The heaviest cotton coverlets come with the widest range and most elegant patterning. The light coverlets show less detailing.
Matelasse coverlets are often associated with the ornate Marseilles style and made of double-layer fabrics, of which only one layer holds the details. They are commonly embellished with finger or pompom blends, and they come in the traditional jacquard or dobby loom patterns.

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