Minnie Mouse Cake

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Minnie Mouse cake has become a cherished birthday wish for every child. The beautiful appearance and wonderful designs of that cake makes a fancy birthday for kids and adults.
A Minnie Mouse cake can be made in several designs, such as a 3D design taking the cartoon character shape, layered cake topped with ear-shape fondant and bow, or common cake holding Minnie Mouse drawing.
All designs are shown in the photos below, and each idea is modeled in a few designs to inspire you for easier decorating techniques.


As shown in the photos, there are fabulous decorations to make with colored fondant or frosting. The job may take several hours in just applying the fondant in the precise way, but those who have experience and enjoy cake decorating will surely adore their own art. If you want to show a wonderful surprise for your kids, or if you are hosting a big party, it is better to seek a professional store. The Minnie Mouse cake would vary in price, according to the place you are ordering from and the size or general design of the cake.

Minnie-mouse-cake_2 Minnie-mouse-cake_3 Minnie-mouse-cake_4

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Minnie-mouse-cake_9 Minnie-mouse-cake_10 SONY DSC

Minnie-mouse-cake_12 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Minnie-mouse-cake_14 Minnie-mouse-cake_15

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