Modern Garage Designs That You Should Never Miss

Modern garage designs that you should never miss 16

With these modern garage designs you will be able to transform your parking area into a piece of work. Most of these garages are wide and luxurious, but don’t worry as I included a few space-saving models like a simple carport design and a wonderful underground parking.
Beginning with the prettiest designs, I bet you recognized a plane among the photos! It is not actually a plane, but in fact a wonderful 3D design on a garage door!
Opened garages and modern garage doors with 3D designs are the most luxurious choices, but they are not functional like the underground parking or the carport.

Modern garage designs that you should never miss 1

Most modern garage designs depend on a simple layout and many features; such as the ceramic floors, the intense lighting, the door system, etc…
Some of these garages are made with attic, basement or bar! Yes…bar! These surrounding features are aimed to ease your stay with your precious cars. Large garages contain an attic or basement to store race equipment and other mechanic tools or race suits belonging to your friends or race team.

Modern Garage Designs Modern Garage Designs Modern Garage Designs Modern garage door with 3D design modern-garage-designs-that-you-should-never-miss_6

Modern Carport

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modern-garage-designs-that-you-should-never-miss_13 modern-garage-designs-that-you-should-never-miss_14 modern-garage-designs-that-you-should-never-miss_15 underground home parking

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