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Most people like to live in modern houses and decorate them with suitable furniture and accessories. Modern rugs are considered an essential part of home decorating, to give the desired look through the match of colors and designs.
Modern rugs are often made in simple designs that suit the free, neat lines of modern furniture, but some may like extraordinary pieces for much elegance.
As I’m a fan of modern rugs and their special textures, I collected some lovely photos showing modern rugs, contemporary rugs, cheap rugs and small area rugs. I was keen on showing creative designs with perfect color match in the patterns, for those who like to collect between art and elegance.

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Speaking about the living room rugs, you will find great inspiration in the area rugs and small living room rugs. Although I included only 2 photos for nature patterns, the others looked also fresh and cheerful. I included shag rugs among the living room ideas; they usually look great with contemporary furniture and minimalist style.
Most of the other rugs are made of wool, silk, velvet and fur. Surely wool rugs are the most dominant in this topic – and in most stores as well – but I included other kinds as examples on the contemporary rugs that match with the current trends and customers’ tastes.

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