Mushroom And Cheddar Cheese Bruschetta

mushroom and cheddar cheese bruschetta

One of my favorite appetizers is the mushroom and cheddar cheese bruschetta. It is really a delicious snack and great appetizer; also so easy to prepare even if you are hosting a big party.
I usually use any type of bread for my bruschetta, but to make a good mushroom and cheddar cheese bruschetta, you will need fresh toast or slices of fresh French country bread. I recommend fresh bread as it soaks up the olive oil and stays a bit tender after toasting.


– 1 pack of fresh toast slices “French country bread or a whole fresh loaf”
– 200 gm of mushrooms
– 400 gm of cheddar cheese “increase the amount as you desire”
– Olive oil
– Calamata olive “small thin cuts”
– Fresh chopped parsley
– Butter, salt and pepper

mushroom and cheddar cheese bruschetta


– If you use a whole loaf or French country bread, use a sharp knife to cut it into relatively thick slices – a bit thicker than toast slices.
– Prepare an oven sheet or big skillet and spread the bread slices on it. Let them in the oven, without heating.
– Prepare the mushrooms by cleaning, or rinsing them, and cut them into thin slices.
– Prepare the cheese by grating or cutting it into thin slices, then crosswise to make small, shredded cuts.
– In a small bowl, mix the olive slices and parsley then add a dash of olive oil. Let aside.
– Fry the mushrooms in butter on high heat until they take dark color. Taste them to make sure they are cooked.
– While the mushrooms are still very hot, turn off the stove and immediately add the cheddar cheese on top. Don’t toss or stir, and let the pan to cool while you toast the bread to a medium degree – we don’t want it crunchy, just hot and slightly toasted.
– Prepare a wide service plate, pour a few spoons of olive oil to cover the whole plate then arrange the bread slices when they are still hot.
– Add a tbsp or two of the cheese and mushroom mix on each slice while it is still hot, to cover the slices. If the mix is not hot or warm, put it in the oven for a few minutes until it warms again, and add salt or pepper if necessary.
– Decorate the bruschetta with olive and parsley on top.

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