Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom Lamps

I believe that most people have seen mushroom lamps before. But if you think now of those big lamps that you usually place on the corner tables or use for reading, then you are not correct. The new mushroom lamps that I meant are the cute LED mushroom lights invented by Yukio Takano.
Yukio Takano is the Japanese designer of the most creative mushroom builds, and his lamps were featured at the Design Festa 2010, by the Japanese firm “Great Mushrooming”.
Takano thought of designing fun LED lights that look like real mushrooms, and hence he used waste wood to make the bases for his colorful glass lamps. The battery place was made at the bottom of the wooden bases; connecting the small lamps to an on/off switch by wires running through the wood. Few models are, however, electricity-powered and they look quite decorative with the glass lamp-shade, the stuck-on crystals and the colorful paints.


These innovative mushroom lamps vary in shape, as Yukio Takano invented bigger models of battery-powered lamps that looked cool and decorative for any home style. The designs included real-size mushroom lamps in different colors, with lovely patterns and small, decorative prints. Some bigger designs, roughly the same size of reading lamps, were made to look just gorgeous. With a large tree-like lamp and big wooden base that consists of two or three wooden layers in irregular shapes and holds small animal figures, goblins, flowers, plastic plants and small mushroom lamps… he made such piece look like a real forest.

Mushroom-lamps_3 Mushroom-lamps_5 Mushroom-lamps_6

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