26 Easy Obesity Prevention Strategies For Adults And Kids

26 Easy Obesity Prevention Strategies For Adults And Kids


Obesity is becoming a major global problem, especially in the united states. Due to the severe health problems caused by fast foods and other factors that cause obesity, the world is trying to solve this problem through a healthy dieting habits for kids and adults.

Why does obesity prevention matters?

medical complications of obesity

Obesity is linked to many chronic health conditions that became very hard to treat. So, preventing obesity plays an important role in the individuals’ good health.
Researches on obese people found that adapting to even the least changes in your diet and daily routine can promote good health and reduce the risk of many diseases. Visiting the gym few times a week, walking for a few minutes twice a day, eating more vegetables or fruits; all can contribute in weight loss and health improvement.

Examples on the health problems caused by obesity:

High blood pressure.
-Type – 2 diabetes.
-Sleep apnea.
-Metabolic syndrome.
-High cholesterol.
-High triglycerides.
-Heart problems.
-Mental problems.
-Sexual problems.
-Gallbladder disease.

Simple steps to prevent obesity in kids:


Studies showed that breast feeding infants when possible is linked to decreased risk of child obesity.

2-Control portions.

Feeding your growing children controlled portions is a major factor in preventing child obesity and promoting healthy growing.
The American academy of pediatrics stated that toddlers should get 40 calorie intake for each inch of their height.

3-Introduce healthy foods in early age.

4-Eat healthy foods as family, making it a happy time.

5-Encourage eating slowly.

6-Let your kids eat only when they are hungry.

Some mothers think that over-feeding her child will make them grow healthy and strong. But that’s wrong because they teach their kids to eat more than their actual needs. Those kids may suffer from digestive problems and their bodies will store fat more often, instead of burning it.

7-Limit the unhealthy foods in your house.

8-Know what your kids eat outside.

9-Provide appealing, nutritious meals in the lunchbox.

10-Encourage your kids to play and do healthy activities as an exercise.

11-Limit the TV and computer use to make enough time for activities.

12-Make sure your kids get enough sleep.

Sleeping late, or not getting enough sleep, can trigger hormonal problems and affect your kids’ health in early age.

Preventing obesity in adults:

In my point of view, the main reason for adults obesity could be suffering from bad-dieting in childhood. Most of us didn’t know how to follow a healthy lifestyle, and without a strong will, we are victims for all those delicious fast food restaurants in the wide world.
Knowing that eating wrong may trigger a stronger feeling of hunger, and hence you eat more. It is a closed cycle like that we fall into while eating sugars and sweets, then after a short time we feel more hunger and day by day we continue to crave sugar.

Tips to prevent obesity in adults:

1-Cut sugars and sweets from your diet.

2-Satisfy sugar craving by eating whole fruits.

3-Exclude processed foods from your diet.

4-Get your fat intake from olive oil, avocados and nuts.

You might have heard about a hormone called “Leptin”. Leptin is one of the hormones responsible for making you feel full. Its secretion is triggered by eating fat. So, eating healthy fats is a great way to make you feel full, and improve your cholesterol levels and brain function.

5-Stay away from fast foods.

6-Include whole grains in your meals.

7-Eat more raw vegetables.

8-Depend on lean protein like fish, chicken and turkey.

9-Get your calcium from yogurt.

Some studies showed that the healthiest form of milk is yogurt and kefir. They contain more good bacteria that aid in digestion and keep your guts healthy. Another study proved that calcium rich foods work as natural appetite suppressants. So, the best way to have a snack is enjoying a cup of yogurt with low-sugar fruit or some nuts.

10-Eat low glycemic index foods.

A glycemic index is a measurement of how fast a certain food can raise your blood sugar. When your blood sugar spikes, your body will secrete more insulin, and that contributes in weight gain and larger waistline measure.
Consuming low glycemic index foods will keep your insulin levels steady, and therefore your weight will remain in control.

11-Engage in regular daily activities, like sports, running, jogging or aerobics.

12-Include weight/resistance training in your regimen.

World health organization stated that individuals should do weight training that includes all their body muscles at least twice a week, for weight maintenance.

13- Reduce stress.

Daily stress can increase cortisol secretion, and that will surely make you gain more weight, especially around the waistline and belly.
Stress also triggers the brain to change your eating pattern and crave more unhealthy foods that depend on flavor enhancers, salt, sugar, carbs and fats. Your brains deals with these foods as stress-relievers, due to the delicious flavor and comfortable feeling they generate.

14- Plan your meals for the whole week.

That will help you to shop for healthy foods and keep them in your refrigerator, instead of eating anything in your household and gain more weight.