Oriental Rugs

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Oriental rugs are defined as the rugs that come from eastern countries. The term is also referring to handmade rugs imported from the same eastern countries.
Oriental rugs are often handmade; knotted with piles or just woven without them. These rugs are known under many names that refer to their origins or the countries which made them. Persian, Turkoman, Kurdish, Anatolian, Caucasian, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian rugs are all examples on the oriental rugs.

Oriental rugs are very artistic in design. They come with many details and patterns all over the rugs, and they often come with three outer ranges – two dark colored ones and a large light colored one in the middle.

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These rugs are usually impacted with imperial patterns and art details. They look gorgeous, especially when the rugs come in quiet colors that match with your furniture colors.

Collecting oriental rugs has become the fancy of many people all over the world. They love the luxurious silk or wool craft, and the artistic patterns that add a royal touch to any house.
Exhibitions that feature original oriental rugs for collectors are held all over the world. Collecting rugs started in 1880, and was confirmed later by two exhibitions in 1890, and 1892 in London.

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