Pancakes With Condensed Milk Sauce

Pancakes with condensed milk sauce

Pancakes with condensed milk sauce are the best breakfast I could think of in winter. I was trying to make a simple sweet sauce for desserts in general, and I thought of trying it with pancakes… in different flavors!
As condensed milk is not always available in the markets in my region, I make my own sauce recipe.

Fruits will also add nice flavor to this sauce, but it is better to use fresh minced or sliced fruits instead of fruit syrup, in order to keep the sauce a bit sticky.
Minced strawberries, cherries and mashed bananas will be superb, and you may cut the fruits into small pieces then decorate the pancakes and spread the milk sauce on top.

Speaking of the pancakes method, you can follow your usual breakfast recipe; the only difference will be in the sauce and fruit additions. This will also require fresh cream or enough butter to give a good taste. If you use soy or sunflower oil, it won’t taste as good as desired.



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