Halloween Bridesmaids Dresses

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For one who wants to celebrate, yet doesn’t want to spoil their wedding, choosing the suitable Halloween bridesmaids dresses could be a little bit confusing. Everyone thinks that Halloween bridesmaids dresses should be spooky or black, forgetting that a Halloween wedding can either be quite simple and elegant, or too spooky! A spooky Halloween wedding would definitely require a dark dress, but it doesn’t depend always on the color as much as depending on the wedding theme, which draws the Halloween atmosphere. Dark colored and orange Halloween bridesmaids dresses are…

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Halloween Wedding Inspirations

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Most of us like to have their wedding in a dreamy or elegant theme that is away from any unusual, scary decorations. As Halloween weddings have become a crazy trend with our modern life style, we are providing you fantastic Halloween wedding inspirations, to help you prepare for your dream wedding party. These Halloween wedding inspirations included beautiful wedding reception ideas in autumn colors, and black Halloween themes as well. Some ideas were photographed in the woods, to put you as much in the Halloween ambiance, and some were perfectly…

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Water Beads Wedding Centerpieces

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In a previous topic, I wrote about how to make water beads decorations and how to use those beautiful jelly balls as artificial soil for indoor plants. In this topic, I’m going to introduce brilliant ideas for water beads wedding centerpieces that most brides would want to try. Using water beads, or water crystals, to make large centerpieces, arrangements and elegant displays, has always been very creative and neat. It is quite affordable compared to other wedding centerpieces that use expensive supplies, yet remains very elite. Another advantage is that…

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Beach Wedding Dresses

Beach wedding dresses 01

Beach Wedding Dresses A nice, romantic wedding with a simple dress, candles and flowers is the dream of almost every girl. Such ceremonies are often held in a garden or on the beach, to create a special atmosphere of romance and glamour. Choosing the dress in this case could be confusing as to which one would give a fluffy appearance, yet appears elegant and suits the beach view. For this reason, we are introducing every bride a simple collection of beach wedding dresses, to give her more ideas on which…

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Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are the most important things to buy when you decide to settle and marry. Unlike engagement rings, selecting a wedding ring or band seem a difficult task for its significance, price and design. The first consideration for most couples is the price. The price may cause a huge burden for those who want to design their rings or wear real diamonds, but you can choose an affordable ring from a variety of sterling silver and zirconia work. You may opt for an elegant band with a pave-diamond stackable…

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Indian Jewelry

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Indian jewelry are classified among the most beautiful jewelry every made, due to their precise details and marvelous designs. Antique jewelry that belongs to the 18th century and the famous old Egyptian accessories, are the other two types that the world admires for the quality and wonderful designs. Most of this work depends on the details and gold is often used, especially in the Indian jewelry, but the decorative stones and gems are not necessarily expensive, they should just give the desired look. Indian wedding jewelry is always beautiful, precisely…

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Distinct Wedding Rings

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If your wedding is near and you still have not bought the bands, yet you think of something special and distinct to wear, you are in the right place. These beautiful, distinct wedding bands will provide you twenty inspirations for elegant designs that you can find in jewelry stores or order online. 1- Diamond accent wedding bands, made from yellow gold, with twig-like finger ranges. 2- White and yellow gold bands taking round, twig-like shape with leaf details, engravings and tiny diamonds. 3- Platinum wedding bands, matched with engraved ring.…

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Matched Wedding Bands

Matched wedding bands 1

Some people may recognize the matched wedding bands as a nice trend, but for two who have a real love story, the matched bands represent the love bond and a promise that can not be broken. These bands, in fact, hold more than a trend and more than a commitment within their beautiful designs. They even come in a variety of colors, coming from twisted gold strands and perfect engravings all over the rings. Matched wedding bands come in classic designs, like a plain, round range without details but two…

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