Pizza Toast With Mushrooms And Cheese

Pizza toast with mushrooms and cheese

This pizza toast with mushrooms and cheese is so nutritious for kids and I consider it a light snack, warm breakfast, quick dinner and appetizer. There are two sauces to use in this recipe; ketchup or a mix of soft cheese and ketchup. Mixing creamy cheese with ketchup provides irresistible taste that may help with kids who refuse to eat regularly.


– Sliced mushrooms ‘in salads and pizza, I prefer the canned mushrooms than fresh ones’
– Creamy cheese ‘ better buy the smoked/cooked cheese or others with cream taste – like Kiri’
– Ketchup
– Thyme
– Any type of toast you like
– Cheddar cheese
– 1 or 2 tbs of olive oil ‘ use minced olives for a rich taste’

Pizza Toast With Mushrooms And Cheese


– In a small glass bowl, mix your desired amount of cream cheese with an equal or a bit smaller amount of ketchup. After well mixed, add minced olives and olive oil with 3 tbs of grated cheddar cheese.

– Prepare the toast in a wide plate and spread the cheese mix on each slice. Make a thick film if you love the taste.

– Spread mushroom slices on the toast, cover with enough amount of grated cheddar cheese and season with thyme.

– Put the toast in the oven, microwave or toaster to heat up and melt the cheese.
Serve directly after the cheese on top melts.


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