Polydactyl Cats

Polydactyl Cats

The Polydactyl Cat breed is one of the favorite breeds that collected almost all good traits and easy going features. Polydactyl cats are simple-looking; short or long haired and they come in different colors. The cats were first recognized 200 years ago with the special anomaly polydactylism that occurred ever since the appearance of the breed and involved them into many superstitious problems during the medieval era.
Polydactyl cats are usually medium sized, almost 11 pound when fully grown, and the length of the hair differs from one cat to another varying between the very short and extra long in many colors and all patterns.


Polydactyl cats usually have one extra toe or 6 toes, and these extra toes don’t restrict their movement; on contrary, they like to run round and keep playing all day long. They are smart, and you can teach them tricks; they also accept being with strangers and other animals, including other cat breeds and dogs. The cats are extremely affectionate. They love their owners and interact with them in a tender way.
They are not very vocal, they prefer to get messaged and stroked for long time instead of being demanding.
The average lifetime for this breed is ~ 14 years old. Not many diseases have been reported by owners, but the cats of this breed may rarely suffer from heart or kidney diseases.


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