Pomegranate Tub Bath Gift Set

Pomegranate Tub Bath Gift Set 1

Pomegranate Tub Bath Gift Set

For the most soothing luxurious bath experience. Indulge with our moisturizing and comforting bath products. Delight your sense with our pleasant fragrant Pomegranate gift set. It will make your day and night rosier, and give you the natural beauty and radiance you desire. The gift set includes: Bath Salt, Bubble bath, Body lotion ,Shower Gel, 1 puff Bath Salt Soothing bath salts uplifts and relieves stress and anxiety while revitalizing your skin to a silky smooth feel. Body Lotion Say Good bye to dry parched skin. This body lotion will nourish and moisturize your skin while leaving you with a pleasant, delicate scent. Shower Gel Apply a small amount of gel to hands or a soft, damp sponge – for rich, creamy lather. You bet you’ll feel the difference. Bubble Bath There is nothing like a hot bubble bath to soothe tired muscles and relax the body. This soft scented bubble bath creates lots of foamy bubbles and it moisturizes and softens skin while you soak

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