Puff Pastry Sandwiches

Puff pastry sandwiches

 Preparing puff pastry sandwiches is a nice idea for a delicious dinner or an extraordinary school sandwich. The whole idea came to me when I needed an actual change in the daily cheese sandwiches that I often make with white bread or toast, so I though of something in which I can use different ingredients and bake in half an hour.

Puff pastry sandwiches


– Frozen puff pastry sheets.
– Turkey or chicken slices.
– Roast beef or cold cut slices.
– Sausages.
– Chicken pane.
– Fried shrimp.
– Your favorite choice of cheese “I always use mozzarella and cheddar”.
– Green olives, pitted and sliced.
– Beaten egg with 2 tbsp of milk, salt and pepper, for brushing the sandwich top.

For serving:

– Sliced tomatoes.
– Juliened sweet pepper.
– Lettuce leaves.
– Watercress.
– Sliced cucumbers.


– Prepare a big baking sheet and grease it with butter while you let the puff pastry sheets in room temperature to thaw.
– Meanwhile, Determine the kind of filling you want for each sandwich by putting each ingredient in a separate plate on your working space.
– Prepare the cucumber, tomatoes and green leaves in their salad bowl or arrange them nicely in each serving platter.
– When the puff pastry is thawed, start heating the oven to 180 degrees.
– In a plate, cut each sheet into the desired sandwich size, or a bit larger to enable folding and sealing the side. This step will be repeated with each sheet or sandwich.
– put a slice of turkey, roast beef, cold cuts, sausage or chicken pane then cover it with cheese, fold the dough and seal its side.
– Use different filling for each sandwich then arrange all in the baking sheet. You may also make different sandwich shapes.
– Bake the sandwiches until the puff pastry is bright golden. Test the cooking with a knife, if it comes out clean and smoothly, then it is well baked.

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