Quick Dinner Ideas

1 – Chicken breast recipe.
Marinated chicken breast cutlets fried in butter or vegetable oil and served over French fries. You can also make delicious chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise, pickles and cole slaw salad, or serve the dish with rice or pasta.
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2 – Chicken with artichokes and olives.
A great recipe for a warm dinner in winter. Serve with white rice and fried potatoes.


3 – Chicken salad.
A delicious meal that you can prepare with chicken or turkey cold cuts, shredded cooked chicken and a variety of ingredients such as tomatoes, pepper, onions, olives, sweet corn, mushrooms, herbs, lettuce and rich mayonnaise dressing. Serve it with toasted bread, fried potatoes or pasta.
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4 – Stir fry chicken livers.
This is also one of the most nutritious and budget friendly recipes that I often make with chicken gizzards, but as you want a quick meal, you may fry the livers with spices and onion chops or mushrooms. This dish is often served with white rice, pasta with tomato sauce or with bread and salad as sandwiches. Fried potatoes and garlic tomato salad will be perfect side dishes.


5 – Fried potatoes, fried boiled eggs, cheese and salad.
A budget friendly dinner for those who like tasty meals. The meal is much suitable for winter and you can serve it for your kids to encourage eating eggs and salad.

6 – Mashed potato varieties.
This meal can be prepared in different ways, with different ingredients such as minced meat, smoked tuna, diced chicken, boiled eggs, cheese and butter.
The cheese and butter mashed potatoes is the basic recipe that we make with milk and spices as a light side dish or appetizer served with toasted bread.
Other varieties accept minced garlic, chopped onions, parsley, leeks, scallion, diced sweet pepper, diced tomatoes, preserved mushrooms, etc.
Adding all these vegetables with a protein base like boiled eggs, meat or chicken makes your dinner a complete, nutritious meal.

7 – Bruschetta and pizza sandwich.
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8 – Herbal cheese sandwiches.
The simplest forms contain mozzarella cheese, fresh thyme and a brush of olive oil.
My creative rolls may contain cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, gouda cheese, ketchup and of course smoked turkey or roast beef cuts.
I layer the slices with cheese and ketchup inside the bread, heat them in the oven or toaster for a few minutes and serve them in a wide tray with the fresh herbs instead of rolling them inside. I once used caviar and crab meat for these warm rolls, the taste was fabulous.
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9 – A delicious crab cake and tartar sauce meal.
A famous meal in Maryland, Baltimore – for those who love the pure, sweet taste of crab meat.

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10 – Pasta salad.
One of the easiest, budget friendly recipes that you can make with a variety of ingredients for an amazing taste. Smoked tuna, salmon, shrimp or crab meat can make great alternatives.

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