Quilled Easter Cards That You Shouldn’t Miss

Quilled easter cards that you shouldnt miss 0

Quilled paper art has become very popular in several fields like home decorating, art creation and crafts. The quilled appearance gives a pretty look to almost everything, and it is not difficult to do, if you thought of crafting some objects to decorate your house. It is even considered a cheap way to decorate the walls, instead of installing wallpaper, stickers or decals.
The same craft applies for quilled Easter cards, as a good idea to celebrate Easter and prepare creative invitations for the guests.

Quilled paper Easter card

The below photos show some of the pretties Easter cards that one can ever create. Of course some of them weren’t homemade, but the others are easy to do yourself, or just engage your family in sticking the quilled paper décor while you cut the basic cardboard shapes.
Like other holiday cards are shaped and decorated, quilled Easter cards can be decorated with anything that is related to spring. Quilled paper eggs, quilled flowers, bunnies and Easter baskets are the best to stick on the colorful papers. They help showing the drawings even better than sticking rhinestones, lace or flat accessories.

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Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_6 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_7 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_8 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_9 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_10

Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_11 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_12 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_13 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_14 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_15 Quilled-easter-cards-that-you-shouldn't-miss_16

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