Rice Powder Whitening Scrub

Rice Powder Whitening Scrub 1

My own rice powder whitening scrub is a bit different than this recipe. My own recipe contains only rice powder and water or milk, but in this one, I added a whitening secret component that will give you surprising results.

How to prepare the scrub?
The original rice powder scrub recipe is made by grinding clean rice grains to a degree that is a bit rough. I mean to grind it on low speed until you get powder and very little, sand-like grains.

What is the secret whitening component?
We will make a slight different now with orange peel and juice. Use a few spoons of orange juice to get a wet, semi-liquid rice scrub. Mince a big piece or orange peel “only the thin, outer part and avoid including the white part”, and mix the fully minced peel with your scrub. It is not a liquid scrub now and you can spread it on your clean skin.


How to apply and scrub your body?
Fill your bathtub with hot water, make sure it is hot enough to open the pores and release out any fats or waste from the pores. That’s a good way to make hydrate the skin, to be able to scrub the dead the cells and have shining, healthy skin.
Sit in the hot water for 15 minutes then dry your body gently with a towel “not fully dry of course, just dry off the excessive water that might affect the efficiency of the scrubbing grains”.
Apply the scrub and spread it on your whole body, except the face which will need quite shorter time, so it is better to leave it as the last step after you finish scrubbing the body. Also don’t use it for long on the sensitive area or the breasts, make sure they are the last areas to apply the scrub on and don’t press hardly on these areas while scrubbing, to avoid injuries or inflammation.
Let the scrub on your body for a minute or more, then start massaging in round moves, with slight pressure on the area. You will notice that your skin is blushing and you will immediately feel softness with dead skin being removed away.
Focus on the dark areas, like the buttocks and inner part of the thighs. You can also apply it on the heels and scrub with the special heel stone.
Now moving to the breasts and sensitive area, never scrub the nibbles or let the mask enter your vulva. Scrub the outer areas gently and rinse with warm water.

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