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The American Ringtail cat is one of the uncommon breeds that were found in the United States in 1998 as a single kitten survived after labor, and grew up with its special feature to be bred with another that has relative features, and produced the so called “American Ringtail, Sing-a-Ling”.
The cat is characterized by its rectangular, long body that is semi-muscular and medium sized. The males often weigh from 3 KG, to nearly 7 KG, and the females weigh up to 5 KG only.


The very uncommon feature in this breed is its ringtail, which includes many muscles that are stronger than any in other breeds tails. The muscles are bigger and stronger at the base, where the tail curls, and they are normal along the rest of the tail. The curly tail should have the same length as that of the cat’s back, and the cats often use their tails for more extra options to communicate with their owners and maintain balance while climbing and descending from trees.


This breed has usually short-hair coat of different shades and a dark color among them. By cross breeding, the appearance may develop to a thick, double layer coat in 3 colors at maximum. The paws of the American Ringtail cat are medium sized with relatively long toes to allow it climb trees and play freely as they spread wider.
The cat’s temperament is really lovely. It is very active, loves to play outside and climb trees. It is curious about strangers and guests, but it doesn’t quickly feel safe or certain about strangers’ reactions, so it begins to discover and know them more. The cat loves petting and it curls its tail around the owner’s hands while sweetly purring.
The American Ringtail cats like to communicate with voice and special bonding with their owners. They tend to make a special bond with only one member of the family, the most passionate and loving of course, but they will easily play and interact with all family members and other household animals.


They have many wild traits that still exist in the domesticated breed. They love to climb trees, catch flies and hunt birds or mice. They love water and seek any running water source to play within and drink. They are fascinated about plants, mint odor and eating catnip or grasses.
No recognition for health problems has been reported in this breed. It is almost perfect but it needs much training, so it is better to provide a wide garden or cat devices such as posts, trees and other playing toys.


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  1. Shelley Wagner

    I own American Ringtails, most amazing breed I have ever owned. So love these amazing cats.

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