Rooftop Pools

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Those who want to relax are surely searching for special and extraordinary ways to relieve the tension and spend their limited time in quiet atmospheres. Rooftop pools are considered one of the most effective ways for relaxation and making a good use of the available space on your roof.
In this topic, I tried to focus on the permanent luxury, instead of just writing a review about a faraway island vacation or a famous resort. I thought of what the people need to design their own houses, enjoying every piece and creating their own ways for relaxation and comfort.


In other cases, people may buy new houses, or at least think of some requirements to renew the old ones; and certainly the rooftop pools are the greatest options.
The below photos provide elegant pool designs that suit wide and narrow spaces, with fabulous pool surrounding ideas. So, if you’re planning for a villa, mansion or a modern house, you can choose any design with nice patio furniture and lounge chairs. The side spaces can be decorated with pool shades, umbrellas, or large green plants, which you can carefully select to match the environment color and appearance.

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