Round Area Rugs

Round Area Rugs

Round area rugs provide you easy ways to decorate your home and infuse your house with house and style. They are even cute enough to be used anywhere, in any design and any color as well. They are light, however not all kinds are easy to clean, but still their size is considered an advantage.
They are a bit smaller than square rugs and they suit kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, hallways, doorways, etc.

Round area rugs come in lovely designs. They offer you traditional, modern and 3-D designs. The traditional style rugs are suitable for small dinning rooms and below coffee tables or in doorways. The modern type does the same function, but should surely be matching with the furniture and general style. The 3D rugs, my favorite type, are the cutest and most elegant ever. They are often made in flower shape and when they are made of fur or thick wool, they look magnificent.
In the photos below, I included several flower shaped rugs; some came with a leather sheet stuck below, to suit bathroom use. I was keen on showing the thin and thick, heavy textures placed in wide areas and matched with different home styles, to inspire those who like the idea and wish to try round rugs.





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