Salad Platter Ideas

Salad platter ideas 4

If you are hosting a big party, then you should probably be thinking of salad platter ideas and which ingredients to use. The fact that some people may like certain kinds of salad while others may not, is quite confusing. The best solution is to make a big salad platter in which you try to put everything separately with dressing. If you’re hosting a huge party, then it is better to set different platters in a salad corner.
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Salad platter ideas

Vegetable ingredients:

– Juliened sweet pepper “green, red, yellow and white”.
– Broccoli florets.
– Lettuce and watercress.
– Sliced tomatoes “red and purple”.
– Sliced cucumbers.
– Grated carrots.
– Sliced shallots.
– Sliced mushrooms.
– Pitted olives.
– Crispy potato wedges.
– Braised red cabbage.
– Boiled green beans.
– Cooked peas and carrots.
– Boiled beets.
– Asparagus.
– Beans.
– Chickpeas.

Other ingredients:

– Grilled chicken.
– Cold cuts “beef or turkey”.
– Crab meat.
– Shrimp.
– Shells.
– Hard boiled eggs.
– Duck meat.
– Candied nuts.
– Dried or fresh fruits.
– Cheese cubes.
– Caviar.

Egg and potato salad platter

Sauces and dressing:

This part could be a bit complicated, as I said that some people may not like certain foods or sauces. Serving the dressing with each platter in a small bowl or container would make a brilliant choice for everyone to choose what they like, especially when the bowls are arranged separately in the salad corner.

1- French dressing:
Simple dressing made from olive oil, spices, fresh herbs, white vinegar and lemon juice, and it is usually sprinkled over the salad.

2- Italian salad dressing:
If you are not buying it from the market, make it with olive oil, vinegar, minced garlic, fresh thyme and basil. Add Italian seasoning and process in the blender.

3- Cream cheese dip:
Just mix equal quantities of creamy cheese and ketchup then add some fresh herbs or thyme. It is perfect with cold cuts and grilled chicken salad.

4- Mayonnaise sauce:
Mayonnaise, garlic powder, minced olives, chopped parsley and a few tbsp of milk to liquefy the sauce.

5- Mustard dressing:
Mix mustard with olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, spices and fresh herbs.

Salad platter ideas

Seafood salad platter ideas Salad platter ideas

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