Santa Christmas Tree Toppers In The Most Beautiful Designs

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Christmas is the merry holiday, for which we prepare our best decorations and show a colorful, bright Christmas tree. One of the essential accessories is the big sized topper, and luckily we are introducing you today a wonderful idea. Santa Christmas tree toppers represent a great idea to decorate the big trees as well as the small ones. The item is usually made of light-weight material, like plastic or silicon, in order not to affect the tree position or break the artificial branches. Some figures are made of hollow porcelain, to give an elegant look, but they are not widely used due to their weight and expensive price.

Santa Christmas tree topper

Santa Christmas tree toppers are also known as ‘Father tree toppers’, and are always dressed in luxurious cloaks trimmed with fur as well very elegant hats in similar color. The long gown under the cloak comes in many colors and designs to reflect the native gown of the region where the toppers are manufactured and sold ‘like that of Scotland, for example’.
The figures come with pretty accessories to light up their appearance, and most of them carry wreaths and gift bags with small, colorful toys and boxes.

Red and white Santa Claus statue

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