Sausage Stuffing With Cashews And Jalapeno Cheese

Sausage stuffing with cashews and jalapeno cheese

In this topic, I’m going to introduce a nice version of turkey stuffing for those who like to celebrate the holidays in different style. Sausage stuffing with cashews and jalapeno cheese is an easy recipe that uses bread and beef sausage with toasted cashews and few other additions. I thought of another change to make it much better, and I found that using rice and raisins can go better with the cheese and cashew flavors. If you like to try the rice version, I will mention it below as well as the toasted bread recipe.

Sausage stuffing with cashews and jalapeno cheese


– 600 gm of beef sausages “preferably stuffed sausages, not the quick-cook ones”.
– 2 cups of rice “or 10 cups of toasted bread cubes”.
– 2 large onions, thinly chopped.
– 6 celery ribs, chopped.
– ½ cup of large sized raisins, soaked in water.
– 1 cup of chopped or diced jalapeno cheese.
– 1 ½ cups of toasted cashews “separate or chop them into halves”.
– 2 ½ cups of broth “or 1 broth cube”.
– Salt, pepper and mixed spices.
– Vegetable oil.


– Fry the chopped onions in 3 tbsp of oil until they start to color, but not tender yet. Add the celery and fry all until they are tender.
– Chop the stuffed sausages then add them to onions and keep frying on high heat until the sausage are dark brown. Sprinkle the spices with black pepper and a dash of salt then add the raisins and fry.
– Frying should continue until no moisture is left, but without burning the ingredients.
– At the end, cashews should be added and stirred on high heat for a minute or two.
– If you’re going to use rice, then add the rice with broth and rest of spices and cook on low heat for 30 to 40 minutes, until all are fully cooked and no moisture is left.
– If you’re going to use bread, pour ½ cup of broth on the sausage mixture and cook it on medium or low heat until it is well done.
In a large bowl, put the toasted bread with the cooked sausage mix and pour the 2 cups of broth while tossing.
– Stuff the turkey before baking, or bake the stuffing separately for 15 minutes.
– Just before serving, and while the rice/ bread stuffing is still hot, the jalapeno cubes should be tossed on top of the platter.

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