Seafood Pasta

Seafood pasta

Seafood pasta, or seafood noodles, is an easy dish that tends to taste like Italian food when made with certain additions. The dish is perfect for dinner, light meals, slimming diets, summer meals and romantic dinner ideas.
Most of the seafood pasta recipes are made without vegetables, but in this recipe I’m going to use different ingredients to make it a perfect Italian dish.

Seafood pasta


– 300 gm of noodles or your favorite choice of pasta.
– 1 bag of mixed seafood ingredients.
– 1 celery stalk.
– 1 large shallot.
– 1 medium green pepper.
– 1 medium red pepper.
– Olive oil.
– 2 medium tomatoes.
– 1 tsp tomato paste.
– 1 cup of dry white wine.
– 1 tsp of old bay seasoning or fish seasoning.
– ¼ cup of chopped parsley.
– 2 fresh oregano or basil leaves.
– Salt and pepper.
– 1 lemon.


– In a large pan, cook the pasta/noodles in salted water for 20 minutes then drain the water and toss gently to coat with olive oil.
– While the pasta is being cooked, rinse the seafood with running water and remove any undesired parts, shells, etc.
Cut into smaller pieces or halves, if required.
– Chop the green leaves and cut the pepper and onion into very thin slices.
– Fry the onion in 3 tbsp of olive oil then after a minute or so add the pepper and celery. Keep frying until half cooked.
– After the seafood is well drained and dried from water, fry it with the onion and pepper with the 1 tsp of seasoning until the moisture is reduced to minimum.
– Add the diced tomatoes and keep frying until softened and cooked.
– Add the tomato paste, oregano, white wine and season with salt and pepper then cook on low heat for 10 minutes or until all ingredients are well cooked.
– By the end of cooking, the tomato sauce should be enough to coat and taste the noodles. If not, add some water before you turn off the heat, to make some sauce for the noodles.
– Toss the noodles in the same pan and let it for 15 minutes or more to soak up the tomato sauce before serving.

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