Seafood Soup

This is one of the easy soup recipes, made by our lovely chief ‘ Aya Ahmed ‘ at Aya’s Kitchen.


– 150 gm of Fresh shrimps ‘well-cleaned and rinsed with water’.
– 100 gm of fillet fish ‘ a bit large cubed pieces’.
– 100 gm of calamari ‘ medium cubed pieces ‘.
– One medium carrot; cut into small cubes.
– One medium onion; chopped or cubed.
– A glass of milk.
– One cube of chicken soup.
– ½ glass of sour cream ‘½ small cooking cream package’.
– 2 glasses of water.
– 2 spoons of flour.
– Parsley, dill and green coriander, chopped or minced ‘around one small cup of the mix’.
– Soy oil or butter.
– Freshly ground pepper and salt.

seafood soup dish


1- In a medium skillet, put around 3 tbs of oil or a 2 inch piece of butter. Put on medium heat, then add the shrimp, fillet and calamari.

2- While frying, all fish juices will come out; don’t reduce the heat and keep frying until you see all juices are gone and the mix is taking a golden color ‘without burning the butter of course’.

3- Reduce the heat and season with ground pepper and salt. Give it a turn until all are flavored, then put aside.

seafood soup ingredients

4- In a medium pan, put some oil or butter on high heat then add the onion chops. Fry, with stirring, for nearly 4 minutes, then add the carrot cubes and fry till medium-cooked.

5- Add the flour and mix all with a wooden spatula. Fry on low heat for 3 more minutes ‘make sure not to burn the flour’.
Turn off the stove and let the mix a few minutes to cool.

6- Slowly add the milk, water and soup cube then stir until all are well mixed. Put on high heat, add salt and pepper, and keep stirring until it starts boiling. Add the fish mix and stir on medium heat then cover and cook for 5~10 minutes.

7- Reduce the heat when necessary, and near the end of cooking add the cream and half of the herbs mix.

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