See Paris From A Camera On An Eagle’s Back

See paris from camera on eagles back 3

If any of you have once traveled to Paris, they probably have been up to the Eiffel tower and saw the city from above, but it is sure that nobody has ever flied over the city like an eagle.
This is one of the most special events ever published to the worldwide… Seeing Paris from a camera on an eagle’s back!
The event started with a white tailed eagle with a SONY camera fixed on its back, and while a huge crowd is waiting to see the magnificent event; its handler takes it up the Eiffel tower. Another handler stands among the crow, waves and claps his hands before the eagle starts its trip downwards.


Through the short flight over Paris, we can clearly see the great shots as the eagle’s body was perfectly still, despite the fact that eagles fly in a speed of 180km per hour! It may seem like the eagle was just turning its head around to look at the scenery like a passenger looking from a car window while the car’s moving body is directed straight ahead; but in fact, the eagle was looking for the other handler who was waiting with the crowd.
Despite the breathtaking view and deep feel of freedom in the film, a remarkable thought comes to the mind, which is how eagles can point their targets among crowds and building from a faraway distance.




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