Sienna Miller Style

Sienna Miller Style

Sienna Miller style represents that fully soft appearance of a 20 years old girl loving to live in peace. Like other actresses, she likes the skinny pants – we can say they are her favorite – but the only feature that characterizes her style is pairing those pants with extremely comfortable garments. Her skinny pants are often paired with long, cotton tops and sneakers or ballerina shoes in summer; while in winter, she likes coats and cropped blazers with elegant boots in different designs. She looks quite sportive, especially with her sexy, slim body and cotton clothes.
In winter, the long wool jackets and loose, woven coats are her favorites, with the big wool scarf, of course.


Sienna Miller style also shows short skirts, sexy shorts, very large handbags, flat sandals, baggy pants, cotton blouses, summer dresses, maxi skirts, short dresses, leather pants and stylish hats. All these elegant items are paired together in magnificent color match, to give free summer looks, stylish daily fashion and elegant classic looks.
Her classic style appears clear in the couture outfits, in which she dresses in traditional, old glamour.
Wearing cropped pants with sleeveless tops and high heels, or short cocktail dresses with designer sandals is a part of Sienna Miller style. Although she chooses some couture garments that look traditional, but she also shows the 20 years old girl in her fashion.

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