Simple Advises For A Happy Cat


Simple Advises For A Happy Cat
Cats are like humans. They experience the same feelings and show affections to their owners, even much more than we do and quite deeper as well. There are simple steps that many owners might not understand, to make their cats feel happy and stable:

1- Play with your cat from time to time.
Playing with the cat creates stronger bonds and makes it feel happy by appreciating the time it spends with you and the way you treat it.

2- Don’t leave your cat with strangers.
Leaving your cat at someone’s house, while you are away or if you travel may cause depression due to several reasons. The cat may not feel secure as cats usually bond to the place before the persons, and the way it is being treated may feel inappropriate as, for sure, no one would understand it like you do.

3- Never be cruel.
Punishing your cat could take several shapes other than hitting or beating the cat. Being cruel breaks bonds and generates fear. So, you may use your voice instead of your hands, and by repeating the orders the cat will understand what it should avoid and how to obey you. Some cats are naughty and they don’t listen to orders; in such case, it is better to give a little hit with your fingers on its thigh or paw with angry voice tone. That will show it how much you are angry with its behavior.

4- Try to understand your cat.
Feeling and understanding what your cat demands makes it very happy and loyal to you. By spending some time watching what your cat does, listening to her demands and analyzing the cat’s behavior while meowing, you will gradually communicate as if you both are speaking the same language.


5- Introduce suitable foods.
Don’t force the cat on foods that it doesn’t like. Instead, introduce foods that suit cats’ nature and avoid foods that suit only humans. Also remember that some foods have toxic effect on cats and the cat’s instinct tells it what it shouldn’t eat, so pay good attention for that and seek knowledge on ‘which foods can cats eat’ and ‘which foods can harm your cat’ ; you may read, ask your vet, google it or ask an experienced friend.

6- Cats feel jealous.
Cats feel sad and deeply jealous, if you play or cuddle with another. So if you have many cats, try to play with each for enough time or treat them equally.

7- Find your cat a good mate.
The sex instinct in cats makes them feel happy and stable. So, finding your cat a suitable mate that it likes will surely make it feel happier and more secure. Otherwise, it may lose weight or get depressed, anxious, and nervous.

8- Show extra care when the cat is sick.
Taking care of your cat, understanding its health condition and being extra tender when it is sick makes it very loyal and loving cause cats also show gratitude.

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