Simple Condensed Milk Sauce Alternative

Condensed milk sauce is a nice creamy option for making dessert sauces and adding a special taste to many recipes. Since some of us may not find it as much in the markets, I tried my own recipe to make simple condensed milk sauce alternative for cakes, pancakes, biscuit cakes and few other desserts that I like to sweeten and flavor.
My idea depends on using powder milk, honey and a tiny amount of water. You can increase the amounts as you like, because I noticed that my sister didn’t like my thick sauce and preferred to add more droplets of water and cherry syrup, and that I often prefer it without any honey.

What if we use fresh cream?

– Fresh cream will add a fabulous taste of course, but you may not use water – depending on the cream texture – and make sure to not use fully liquid cream or cooking cream… just fresh milk cream.



– In a small glass bowl, put around 10 tbsn of powder milk with small teaspoon of honey and mix with a teaspoon.
– Pour drops of warm water while you are stirring.
The powder milk will start to mix with water and honey. At that stage stop dropping the water and keep stirring until you get a smooth, thick sauce.
– Add more honey if you want an intense sweet taste.
– If the sauce is still sticky, add a few drops of water and stir until you get a similar texture similar to that in the photo.
– If you reach that smooth texture, then you are done and you can use the sauce or chill in the fridge for some time before using.


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