Skin Whitening For Bikini Area

Skin whitening for bikini area

In many of my topics, I mentioned the importance of skin whitening, to have soft, shiny buttocks, armpits and inner thighs. In this topic I’m going to tell you a natural skin bleaching recipe for the whole body, and also quite safe for the sensitive/bikini area.

– ¼ cup of lemon juice.
– ¼ cup of vinegar.
– 1 small potato.
– 1 tbsp of turmeric.
– 2 tbsp of olive oil.
– 2 tbsp of flour “use more if needed”.

Skin whitening for bikini area

Let the olive oil aside for moisturizing your body after shower, meanwhile, cut the potato into thin slices and process with other ingredients in the blender before adding the flour.
When you get a fine liquid without potato pieces left, pour in a small bowl, add the flour and stir with a small spoon until you get a creamy liquid. Increase the amount of flour if you need to make a thick skin whitening paste.

While having shower, stay in the bathtub filled with very warm water for a few minutes before applying the mask, to tenderize the skin tissues and open the pores. Apply the mask on your whole body, and more on the dark areas and leave it for 10 minutes. Scrub your body with a brush or loofah, focusing on the dark areas, then rinse with warm water. Apply the olive oil on your wet body and gently dry with a towel.
Repeat twice a week, if possible.

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