Spaghetti Sauce

spaghetti sauce

Spaghetti sauce is often known as the common tomato sauce made for pasta with slight additions or differences according to each recipe. Some may use white béchamel sauce as well, but it is not quite common for spaghetti. In this recipe I follow my own way in making cheesy béchamel sauce for spaghetti to give it a new style, and in this recipe you may not add blue cheese like I usually do; you can add cheddar or parmesan or even thick cream.


100 gm of unsalted butter
100 gm of white flour “if measured with a spoon, same amount as the butter”
Half a liter of milk
400 gm of cooking cream of thick cream
200 gm of blue cheese “Italian parmesan is also used”
Salt, pepper

Optional additions:

Cheddar cheese
Minced calamata olives
Minced parsley
A tiny amount of minced basil leaves

spaghetti sauce


– Using a wooden spatula, melt the butter on low heat then add the flour and stir in well.
– Stir the mix on low heat for around 3 minutes then turn off the heat and allow the flour to cool.
– Bring the milk to room temperature and add it slowly to the flour while stirring non stop. You may also use the electric whisker to obtain no flour balls in the liquid.
– Add the cream and stir with a spatula “don’t whisk in this stage”.
– Add pepper and salt as desired.
– Stir the liquid on low heat “stir non stop”.
– When your béchamel sauce is ready and cooked, turn off the heat and add your favorite cheese.
As for the type of cheese, grated parmesan will melt with the sauce easily, but in case of blue cheese you may need to heat it in the microwave and mash it with a fork; so know it will need a bit more effort to mix it with your sauce.
– When the sauce is cool enough, add optional ingredients like minced olives, basil and parsley then stir and pour on the pasta just before serving.

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