Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry banana yogurt smoothie


As I stated the benefits of strawberries and yogurt in my previous topic, I will introduce another healthy addition to the yogurt smoothie in this topic…Bananas!
Bananas supply the body with a number of nutrients and vitamins, with carbs and sugars of course, besides appealing to kids and adults. It is the best choice for a complete snack.





– Ripe bananas (one firm banana for 2 servings, and add more if you need).

– ½ cup plain or strawberry yogurt (I prefer plain yogurt).

– Frozen strawberries (nearly ½ cup, to add fresh taste when mixed with bananas).

– ½ Cup of milk (can be replaced with yogurt, soy milk or nut milk; just needed to break the fibers of bananas).

– Honey is recommended here as sweetener. It can give you a better taste with the nut milk.


Chop the banana and add it to the frozen strawberries in the blender with other ingredients.
Mix on low speed until smoothed; then for 30 seconds on high speed.

“Requires quick serving”.

Tip: if you are using dairy milk, you can add a dash of nut milk or variety of crushed nuts to give a lovely taste. You can use Greek yogurt in case you want crushed nuts mixed within the smoothie, and common yogurt in case you will just decorate with nuts.

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