Stunning Engagement Rings

As the latest two topics were about engagement rings, I’m following with these stunning designs that include brilliant, princess and pear cut diamonds fixed on pretty, engraved rings. I included two designs for lotus engagement rings, and classic pear-cut diamond rings. In addition to these familiar shapes, most diamonds were fixed on classic-shape finger-rings, beaded with small diamonds or twisted to give an elegant shape. The crown shaped ring looked also classic, although it is not very common to find such model in the jewelry stores. It was made from white gold-plated silver and beaded with small diamonds. The princess cut ring looked simple, and similar to the Edwardian style, while the engraved Michael B ring looked quite suitable for a fancy wedding.

Stunning-engagement-rings_1 Stunning-engagement-rings_2 Stunning-engagement-rings_3

Stunning-engagement-rings_4 Stunning-engagement-rings_5 Stunning-engagement-rings_6

Stunning-engagement-rings_7 Stunning-engagement-rings_8

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