Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas

Stunning eye makeup ideas 1

At times, you seek new eye makeup ideas or some designs that suit holidays and special occasions, but among the varieties you stare at the photos feeling confused about what to choose. In the below photos, I collected stunning eye makeup ideas that suit daily work, holidays, special occasions, vacations and even the year seasons. Among the seasonal makeup, I included two designs made by the famous artist, Tal Peleg, to suit Christmas and winter fashion.


Most designs are not difficult to draw yourself, as they came in simple lines, bright colors and just a few lines. You will also fine funny designs for seasonal parties, like the watermelon theme. Other eye shadow designs came in smoky, yet pretty shades showing a great color mix for autumn, winter and summer. The daily fashion needed for work or evening outings will surely match with these simple shades and light up with the glittery designs.

Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_2 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_3 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_4

Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_5 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_6 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_7 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_8 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_9

Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_10 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_11 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_12 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_13 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_14 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_15 Stunning-eye-makeup-ideas_16

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