Stunning Fall Decorations

 Autumn always grants us a variety of colors to make stunning fall decorations. Imagining a pretty garland made from autumn leaves in dark green, yellow and orange brings us freshness and tranquility. The same happens when you try creating a lovely display to decorate your mantel with candles and pumpkins, among which china accessories are gloriously arranged. Wreaths and door decorations that you can make from autumn garlands, fall leaves, pine cones, acorns and fresh fruits or veggies of the season … are really unique fall decorations. Besides their elegant appearance, they reflect your taste and talent in crafting such creative decorations.


Making stunning fall decorations also includes setting up a lovely dinner table that leaves a warm impact on the guests, or setting up eye-catching centerpieces from fresh pumpkins, leaves and pine cones. Such centerpieces can decorate a coffee table as well as a dining table, mantel, porch, or your kitchen countertop.
Making candle crafts for fall and thanksgiving is a nice idea. It allows you to play with your kids at the same time you’re doing your decorative work. You can use liquid glue with a small brush and glass candle votives, to cover the votives with glitter, ground grains or colorful fall leaves. The resulting votives will play a fabulous role in lighting up any decorative display for fall and winter.

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