Most Stunning Trees In The World

Most stunning trees in the world 1

 Lucky people are those who get a chance to embrace nature’s beauty and enjoy the creation of mother earth. The most remarkable bliss in this world is how we absorb the tranquility and relieve stress, simply by strolling among the trees or looking at the fresh flowers.
Surely among all that beauty, there are extraordinary miracles that we should stop by, meditate at and collect blessing from its mightiness. This topic features 16 examples for the most stunning trees in the world, of which many are quite aging and many are just magical.

Rhododendron tree Pink Rhododendron tree that is more than 125 years old and located in Canada.

The colors of these trees may catch your eye at first, but when you read the caption below each photo and imagine how glorious these trees could be, you will be impressed.
At the first sight to these photos, I didn’t pay much attention as aging or beautiful trees are everywhere taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, but I stopped by a single phrase that changed my perspective. The fact that the Japanese Wisteria tree extends over 1,990 square meters of land, made me imagine how glorious it would be if I could walk around or under those mighty trees.
Other mind-blowing facts are that the rainbow patches on the trunks of huge eucalyptus trees form due to shedding pieces of their bark, and an oak tree avenue was planted in 1790, while the third-largest sequoia tree is 73 m tall and has a trunk of 28 m circumference!

Wisteria tree
Amazing 144 years old Wisteria tree that extends over 1,990 square meters of land, it is located in Japan and considered the hugest tree of its kind.
wind swept trees
Huge wind-swept trees located in New Zealand
Maple tree
Japanese Maple tree of pink, red and orange leaves -Located in Portland, Oregon
Antarctic Beech tree
Antarctic Beech tree draped in beautiful hanging moss in Oregon

Cherry trees tunnel
A tunnel of blooming cherry trees in Bonn, Germany.
Angel Oak tree
Angel Oak tree located in John’s Island, in South Carolina
Flamboyant Tree
Flamboyant Tree located in Brazil
Dragonblood trees
Dragonblood trees, located in Yemen
Largest sequoia tree in the world
Third-largest giant sequoia tree in the world, named “the president” and located in the National Park, California. The tree is 73 m tall and it has a ground circumference of 28 m.
Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon
Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon.
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree located in Kauai, Hawaii. The rainbow eucalyptus usually grows in the south pacific region and is popular for its pulp wood that is used to manufacture paper. The beautiful rainbow color patches are formed with the shedding of its bark.

 Jacarandas tree tunnel
Violet flower Jacarandas tree tunnel located in Cullinan, South Africa.
Avenue of oak trees
Avenue of oak trees that was planted around 1790, At Dixie Plantation In South Carolina.


Baobab Trees In Madagascar
Baobab Trees In Madagascar. These trees are known for storing water in their thick trunks, to benefit from it during the drought times.
The Dark Hedges
The Dark Hedges; a tunnel of beech trees that were planted in the 18th century In Northern Ireland, and appeared in the “game of thrones movie”.


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