Purple Outfits For Winter: 11 Formal and Casual Looks

purple outfits for winter

Purple Outfits For Winter Follow us on FacebookFollow us on Pinterest Hello purple lovers! In one of my previous posts I said that your mood and productivity at work is usually influenced by the outfits you wear. If you wear something that gives beautiful, bold, sexy, flashy or any other impression, you will certainly walk confident among your colleagues and their comments will make you really happy. On contrary, if you are not satisfied with your clothes, you will feel shy and afraid of public.Due to the above reason I…

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Elegant Business Attire For Women

Elegant business attire for women 0

Elegant Business Attire For Women Going to work every day and having things to achieve requires an elevated mood surrounded by confidence and strength. Such mood is usually influenced by the apparel you wear, which may give you a great feeling of success, or make you feel like a complete nothing. Due to these reasons, choosing the right business attire for women is quite important, to help them be productive and also keep their public image elegant and strong.In the following photos I tried to collect a variety of business…

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Fabletics Most Stylish Activewear By Kate Hudson

Fabletics most stylish activewear by Kate Hudson 2

Exercise has become the most important habit for every woman, to stay healthy, enjoy her life and have a sexy body. So, during your time at the gym, yoga session or that nice run by the sea, you must choose sportswear that makes you feel comfortable, stylish and sexy. Today’s gift for you, dear ladies, is an incomparable collection of activewear by Kate Hudson. What is Fabletics? Fabletics is an online retailer that sells a wide variety of women’s sportswear, accessories and sneakers. The brand was co-founded by Kate Hudson…

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4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

How to prepare your skin for winter

4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winter During the cold months, our skin becomes rough, suffers from breakouts and looks very dull. To avoid these effects and prepare your skin winter, you have to select a suitable skin care regime that depends on vitamins and moisturizers. To avoid having dry, flaky skin, start your plan during the Autumn season, or when the temperature is still around 30 degrees. How To Grow Extremely Long Hair? Here are 4 ways to prepare your skin for winter: 1-Start taking your vitamins before…

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DIY Nourishing Face And Body Lotion With Natural Ingredients

DIY natural body lotion

The best thing about making your own body lotion is that you can use natural ingredients, and most of all your favorite essential oils. Giving a special scent or adding vitamin-rich oils to keep your skin soft and healthy, is one of the advantages too. I like to make benefit of both, using natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, and adding my special scents. But the key in making this recipe is using a high quality base … like collagen-rich lotion. Using lotions and glycerin makes the blend so…

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Skin Whitening Remedy

Natural skin whitening remedy 1

Skin whitening remedy is quite essential every now and then, to keep the sensitive areas, buttocks and armpits soft and shiny. I myself have tried many skin lightening creams and other products that are mostly effective, but very harmful for the skin due to its chemical compounds. The simplest way to keep these areas white and soft, is the frequent care using natural masks and nutritious oils, besides wearing cotton shorts that keep your skin dry and healthy. The ingredients depend basically on lemon juice, which is a great bleaching…

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Skin Whitening For Bikini Area

Skin whitening for bikini area

In many of my topics, I mentioned the importance of skin whitening, to have soft, shiny buttocks, armpits and inner thighs. In this topic I’m going to tell you a natural skin bleaching recipe for the whole body, and also quite safe for the sensitive/bikini area. Ingredients: – ¼ cup of lemon juice. – ¼ cup of vinegar. – 1 small potato. – 1 tbsp of turmeric. – 2 tbsp of olive oil. – 2 tbsp of flour “use more if needed”. Let the olive oil aside for moisturizing your…

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